Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Central African Republic

AfricaCentral African RepublicLanguage & Phrasebook in Central African Republic

The primary language is French, with a variant known as Central African French that is readily understandable by French speakers. There are many indigenous languages as well. While French is the official language of the Central African Republic, just a few individuals in the nation understand it beyond a few words.

Sängö (also known as Sangro or Sangho) is the Central African Republic’s lingua franca and is spoken by the majority of the population (some 2000 have it as a mother tongue whilst 80 percent of the country have it as a second language). To find out whether someone speaks Sängö, just say Balâo (Hello), and if they reply with Balâo mng, you have discovered a Sango speaker.

Even in the capital, virtually no one speaks English.