Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Cape Verde

AfricaCape VerdeHow To Travel To Cape Verde

By plane

The islands of Sal, Santiago, Boa Vista, and So Vicente all have international airports. Europe, Africa, and the Americas are all connected.

Because not all connections are accessible on travel booking platforms, it is generally a good idea to verify with a travel agency.

From Europe

Regular flights are available from Amsterdam, Lisbon (daily), Madrid, Milan, Munich, and Oportooperated by TACV.

TAP Portugal operates flights from Lisbon.

Jetairfly offers low-cost flights from Brussels to Sal and Boa Vista.

You can travel straight to Santa Maria on Sal from London Gatwick, Glasgow, and Manchester on Astraeus, as well as Birmingham, Manchester, and Gatwick on Thomson Holidays.

From America

There are weekly flights between Boston and Fortaleza (Brazil) (weekly).

From Africa

West Africa is also served by TACV Cabo Verde Airlines, the region’s oldest and most successful airline.

By boat

Only rare and costly links to the mainland are available.