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How To Get Around In Yaounde

CameroonYaoundeHow To Get Around In Yaounde

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There are city buses, however their routes are restricted.

The best option is to use a shared cab. They will slow down for you, but you should still flag and beep to indicate affirmative. Unless you’re traveling a great distance or are not going far, you may phone “cent francs” and your destination. In certain instances, you may be asked how much “paye combian?” you intend to paid. Simply mention 300 francs (in French…) and you should be good. Additionally, you may say “depot” if you want the cab all to yourself. This will cost you extra, perhaps about 1000 francs; bargain in advance. Additionally, you may hire by the hour for around 2500 or 3000 francs per hour. Negotiate in advance and pay no more than 3000.

If a taxi does not stop for you, it is most likely because it is being driven by someone who has rented the whole vehicle. Taxis are typically limited to four passengers, however some drivers may accommodate up to six (four in the back, two in the front). Trust your own judgment when boarding a cab with suspicious-looking individuals. The motorist should have a valid driver’s license visible in the rear-view mirror; you may verify that the picture matches.

Motos (motorcycle taxis) are also available. Avoid using them; they are very harmful.

How To Travel To Yaounde

BY PLAINDaily flights depart from Brussels and Paris. While the majority of planes land in Douala, these flights routinely carry on to Yaounde without passengers disembarking. Alternatively, one might alight at Douala and go to Yaounde by one of the various bus or rail routes (a 3-4 hour ride)....

Prices in Yaoundé

MARKET / SUPERMARKETMilk1 liter$ 1.95Tomatoes1 kg$ 0.85Cheese0.5 kg$ 7.00Apples1 kg$ 11.00 Oranges1 kg$ 2.40Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 1.20Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ 7.60Coca-Cola2 liters$ 2.25 Bread1 piece$ 0.55Water1.5 l$ 1.25RESTAURANTSDinner (Low-range)for 2$ 15.00 Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 38.00Dinner (High-range)for 2$ 52.00Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 2.55Water0.33 l$ 1.85Cappuccino1 cup$ 2.90Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ 4.00Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 1.35 Coca-Cola0.33 l$ 1.35Coctail...

Sights & Landmarks In Yaounde

The city is not very tourist-friendly, although some interesting attractions include the Mvog Betsi zoo (primates and lions, plus a children's playground), the Mokolo market (quite large and in-your-face), Mont Febe, and maybe the swimming pools of some of the hotels.Government offices, a few hotels, and the major market...

Food & Restaurants In Yaounde

BakeriesBakeries are sometimes the only establishments operating on holidays. Le Moulin de France, right off the main strip near Casino in the centre, is a nice (but not inexpensive) establishment.BudgetThere are street vendors everywhere, but a wonderful area to visit is Nlongkak. There is some diversity here, as well...

Shopping In Yaounde

If you need CFA, there are many ATMs located around the city, as well as one at the Hilton in the heart of Yaounde. The Hilton is the only location that accepts MasterCard ATMs. If feasible, you should travel with another kind of card (e.g. Visa). Additionally, there are...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Yaounde

Taxi sharing may be dangerous, even for Cameroonian citizens, as you risk having your phone and wallet stolen. It is advised that you use a private cab that has been recommended to you by your hotel or a friend.Be cautious of pickpockets, who are prevalent. Take caution with your...



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