Friday, September 10, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Cameroon

AfricaCameroonVisa & Passport Requirements for Cameroon

Except for residents of Mali, Chad, the Central African Republic, and Nigeria, the majority of visitors will need a visa, which should be obtained before to arrival.

There are several types of visas available, including airport transit visas, visitor visas for visiting friends and family in Cameroon, business visas for work-related activity in Cameroon, tourist visas for tourism purposes, student visas for studying abroad and learning at universities, employment visas for taking up work in Cameroon, and permanent residence visas, which are issued if you marry a Cameroonian.

To get a visa, you will need the following documents:

For all visas:

  • Regardless of where you are from, you must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate. When you arrive in Cameroon, you must also present this to the authorities at the airport.
  • The application form as well as two passport-size photos are required.
  • The application cost (US$141 for nationals of all countries except those with visa waivers).
  • Your passport must have at least six months left on it before it expires.

Then, depending on whether you’re applying for a Visitor Visa or a Tourist Visa, you’ll require the following documents:

For a Visitor Visa:

For a visitor’s visa, a letter of invitation is required, as is a hotel reservation confirmation (for a tourist visa). If you need a visitor visa, the person you are visiting must write a letter of invitation and have it authorized and stamped by local officials before delivering it to you. You must mention in the letter that you have a place to stay throughout your journey (e.g. the home of your hosts). A hotel reservation will suffice if you’re staying in one.

For a Tourist Visa:

  • Your bank’s consular letter showing your current balance. For it to be legitimate, it must be signed by the bank.
  • Your hotel’s confirmation of your reservation.

For the most up-to-date information, go to the Cameroon Embassy website in your home country (or the nearest one). Cameroon’s embassies and other diplomatic posts are shown on this map.Map of embassies and other diplomatic missions of Cameroon.