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Things To Know Before Traveling To Cameroon

AfricaCameroonThings To Know Before Traveling To Cameroon


Although both English and French are official languages, French is by far the more widely spoken (more than 80 percent ). The original colonisers’ language, German, has since been replaced by French and English. Pidgin Cameroonian The language franca in the previously British-controlled regions is English. Since the mid-1970s, a combination of English, French, and Pidgin known as FrancAnglais has been gaining popularity in metropolitan areas. Bilingualism in English and French is encouraged by the government, and official government papers are written in both languages. Cameroon’s bilingualism program has resulted in six of the country’s eight universities becoming fully multilingual.

There are about 250 additional languages spoken by roughly 20 million Cameroonians in addition to the colonial languages. Cameroon is regarded as one of the world’s most linguistically varied nations as a result of this.

Internet, Comunication

A pre-paid SIM card is required to make local and international calls. Check to see whether your mobile phone supports the GSM standard (Africa/Europe); if not, you’ll need to purchase a new phone in addition to a SIM card. Cameroon’s two main telephone providers are “MTN” and “Orange.”

There is Internet connection available almost everywhere, although the speed may be sluggish.

The national postal service is regarded as unreliable.


Shaking hands with your left hand is considered impolite. Only use your right hand. It is courteous to extend your wrist for the individual to shake his right hand if you have anything in your right hand or if your right hand is filthy or damp. It is courteous to touch wrists if both of your right hands are engaged.


1 January: New Year’s Day & also Independence Day

11 February: Youth Day

1 May: Labour Day

20 May: National Day

15 August: Assumption

1 October: Unification Day

25 December: Christmas Day