Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Cameroon

AfricaCameroonHow To Travel Around Cameroon

By plane

Camair-Co is presently flying domestically and as a national airline.

By train

Camrail, operates rail services from Yaoundé, the capital, to Douala, the maritime city, and Ngaoundéré, the northern metropolis. While bus travel to Douala is faster and more dependable, the best method of ground transportation to the north is the sleeper train. Check the schedules and prices for the most up-to-date information.

By bus

You may travel between large cities in contemporary, comfortable buses, some of which have air conditioning. Away from the bigger cities, you’ll almost certainly wind yourself in one of the ubiquitous Toyota bush taxis. These are somewhat longer Toyota minivans that can accommodate up to 20 passengers (or more if required) and their baggage. With hazardous roads, overworked/drunk/hungover drivers, and badly maintained cars, safety may be a problem. However, if the weather is poor, your choices are restricted to staying an additional day or two.

It’s worth noting that buses seldom depart on schedule. Instead, they wait until they are completely full before leaving. Buses that go later in the day don’t always fill up. When this occurs, the operator will usually arrange for you to be picked up by a bush taxi and taken to your destination. If you refuse to take the bush taxi and insist long enough, the driver will usually return your money. The idea is that you should allow plenty of time to arrive to your destination since the wait may take hours and you never know when you will be able to board.

By car

Rental vehicles are available, but they are prohibitively costly. Because paved roads are few outside of the country’s main towns in the west and northwest, a 4 x 4 is required for travel to the country’s east and center regions. Because of the absence of rain, the roads in the north are paved between cities, and even the dirt roads are in good shape.

You may rent a private vehicle and have the driver transport you to your desired location. Expect to pay the driver approximately USD60 per day plus the cost of petrol. You will also be expected to provide food and lodging for the driver. You may, however, haggle.

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation these days owing to poor roads and congestion. The driver can transport you anywhere you choose, and in isolated areas without paved roads, they may be the only option.