Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Cameroon

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Food in Cameroon

There are many excellent eateries in the area:

  • Bonapriso quarter: Sorento, Bistrot Latin, Peche Mignon, Oriental Garden (Chinese), Alladin (Lebanese), Paradise (nice English bar), Piccolla Venezia (Italian), Ovalie (classy, expensive), Le Bouchon Lyonaise (French), Le BOJ (French), Le Cabanon
  • Bonanjo quarter: Chez Wou (Chinese), La Cigalle
  • Akwa quarter: Le Senat (great jazz in the evening), White House (local), Mediterrannee (Greek, good pizzas), La Fourchette (French), Le Foyer du Marin aka German Seamen’s Club (German)
  • by the waterfront: Le Mangrove (fresh fish & prawns), Le Dernier Comptoire Colonial (last sclaves trading post)

Try Chez Kali in Bonapriso if you’re on a tight budget (towards the Energy Club – fitness). Food that is both safe and affordable. Yaounde’s Mont Febe, Hilton Hotel, and Hotel Le Deputy, Limbe’s Atlantic Beach Hotel, Mirama Hotel, Guest House Hotel, and Park Hotel, Tiko’s 3813, Buea’s Miss Bright, and Douala’s Meridien Hotel.

Drinks in Cameroon

When purchasing a bottle, always check the “best before” date; certain beverages are out of date.

Even at restaurants, avoid drinking tap water. At a reasonable price, bottled water may be obtained almost everywhere. In larger cities, 1.5 L will set you around XAF400, with more in more distant regions.

Coca-Cola is widely accessible. Try one of the flavorful TOP sodas for something new. They’re a lot sweeter than most European or North American sodas, but they’re still delicious.

Due to its history as a German and subsequently French colony, Cameroon has a wide selection of excellent beer. Guinness is widely available in bottles, but in the summer, try one of the great lighter beers like Castel, Beaufort, Mützig, Isenbeck, Satzenbrau, or 33. These are cheap and work well in the heat. For those who like a darker beer, Castel Milk Stout is a great option. You’ll have a hard time finding them cooled outside of the cities (due to a lack of electricity).