Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Burundi

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Food in Burundi

Burundi has several gastronomic delights in store for foreign visitors, including fresh fish from Lake Tanganyika and vegetables grown on the country’s rich volcanic soil. There is a sizable South Asian population, which serves curried meals with more typical rice and beans, as well as French-inspired European fare. Samosas and skewered meats are popular lighter fare, while bananas and fresh fruit are often offered as a sweet snack.

Beef brochettes (kebabs) and grilled plantains (cooked bananas) are the national meal, which can be found nearly everywhere.

Drinks in Burundi

Beer and soft drinks are widely accessible. Big 72cl Primus bottles, as well as Amstel, are available for USD1-2, as they are in Rwanda and the DRC. Both are made in the United States and are of high quality.