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Things To Do In Bujumbura

BurundiBujumburaThings To Do In Bujumbura

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Uvira Roadway, Karera Beach (on Lake Tanganyika about 20 min from the city). A lovely beach resort.

Saga Beach, Uvira Highway (on Lake Tanganyika about 20 min of town). The beach is equipped with a restaurant, an entertainment complex, and a hotel. A pleasant area to spend some time.

Bora Bora Plage is located just across from Saga.


Burundi Association for Wildlife Protection (ABO). A local conservation organization that leads birding trips in Rusizi Park and surrounding regions. Several of their guides are fluent in English.


Consult local fliers for information about Burundian drummer performances, or just keep an eye out for a wedding event. Additionally, with the assistance of locals, you may arrange to visit a drum troop, take a lesson, and then see a private performance.

The Centre Culturel Francais (CCF), Chaussee Prince Louis Rwagasore, +257 222351, organizes several events (City Centre). Their offices provide a comprehensive monthly film, theatre, and music schedule. Additionally, CCF provides classes in French and Kiswahili (individual and group).

The Asiatic quarter’s Ciné Caméo (19 Avenue des Paysans) plays all the current films for around 2000FBu. The country’s lone cinema and a place to cool down on scorching dry season evenings.

How To Travel To Bujumbura

You may arrive through the airport, which is located near the city. Visa regulations and fees are subject to change on a regular basis. As of November 2014, two types of visas are available upon arrival: a one-month multiple-entry visa costs US $90, while a three-day (two-night) transit visa...

How To Get Around In Bujumbura

Taxis circulate around the city; you must negotiate the fare with them. As of early 2010, trips inside the city center cost between 1500 and 2500 Burundian francs; journeys to and from the airport may be prohibitively costly (20,000 francs), but there is nothing you can do about it....

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Bujumbura

Bujumbura is controlled by a community council and an administrator appointed by the community council. Additionally, it is split into 13 communes: Commune of Bujumbura MairieCommune of ButerereCommune of BuyenziCommune of BwizaCommune of GihoshaCommune of NgagaraCommune of KinindoCommune of NyakabigaCommune of MusagaCommune of KanyoshaCommune of KamengeCommune of KinamaCommune of Rohero

Prices In Bujumbura

MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$ 2.90Tomatoes1 kg$ 1.30Cheese0.5 kg$ 5.20Apples1 kg$ Oranges1 kg$ Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 0.95Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ 13.00 Coca-Cola2 liters$ 0.75 Bread1 piece$ 0.65Water1.5 l$ RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$ 18.00Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ Dinner (High-range)for 2$ Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ Water0.33 l$ Cappuccino1 cup$ Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Coca-Cola0.33 l$ Coctail drink1 drink$  ENTERTAINMENT Cinema2 tickets$ Gym1 month$ 30.00Men’s Haircut1 haircut$ Theatar2 tickets$ Mobile (prepaid)1 min.$ Pack...

Sights & Landmarks In Bujumbura

Musée Vivant, 11 Avenue du 13 Octobre(heading west, just before Lake Tanganyika — visitors must come via Ave du Large or Ave de la Plage, as 13 October is closed),   +257 22 22 60 82. 08:00-17:30. A small "zoo" and natural history museum are located here. Fish from Lake Tanganyika, birds, seven...

Food & Restaurants In Bujumbura

Bujumbura residents like their meals and enjoy dining out with friends and family. All restaurants provide a beef or fish brochette, fries or fried plantain, and a fresh salad. However, take your time. All cuisine is cooked fresh and the chefs take their time. Waiting an hour for dinner...

Shopping In Bujumbura

Interbank, Ecobank, Kenya Commercial Bank, and a few more financial institutions provide ATMs in Bujumbura that take foreign Master cards and Visa cards. nonetheless, Interbank charges 5000 FBu every transaction. Bear in mind that the Gar du Nord bus station has just one ATM, which is sometimes unavailable, so...

Nightlife In Bujumbura

Avenue de l'Universite (between Boulevard de l'Independence and Boulevard Mao Tse Tung) is lined with bars. L'Archipel and Havana are the most well-known locations for a transnight dance. L'Archipel is located on Blv de la Liberté, whereas Havana is located on Blv de Uprona (around the corner of the Novotel). Coeur...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Bujumbura

Bujumbura is a relatively secure city, however caution is advised. While walking is OK during the day, after 18:00, the streets get quite dark, and you are better off using a cab, save for very short treks. At any time of day or night, there are extremely few police...



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