Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Botswana

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Food in Botswana

Botswana’s cuisine is distinct, although it has certain features with other Southern African cuisines. Botswana cuisine includes Pap, Samp, Vetkoek, and Mopane worms.

Seswaa, a meat dish consisting of beef, goat, or lamb meat, is a Botswana specialty. In general, the fatty meat is cooked until soft in any saucepan with “just enough salt,” then shredded or crushed. It is often served with porridge made from pap (maize meal) or sorghum meal.

Drinks in Botswana

Many soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are manufactured in Botswana, including Fanta and Coca-Cola. Castle and Lion beers are popular in the area. Madila (sour milk) is made by fermenting milk and is consumed on its own or with cereal. Ginger beer is a popular non-alcoholic home-made beverage.