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Food & Restaurants In Porto-Novo

BeninPorto-NovoFood & Restaurants In Porto-Novo

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  • Comme Chez Soi, Rond-Point Ataké’s western side. African cuisine at a reasonable price.
  • Ambiance Maquis Katchi, Carrefour Catchi. Affordably priced establishment with a local speciality of bush rat that is pretty tasty.
  • Mahi Restaurant is located south of Place Kokoyé. Hearty, Beninese-style dishes at a reasonable price.


  • Buvette Escale du Pont, just across the street from the bus terminal or gare. Drinks are reasonably priced, and the African food is excellent.
  • Java Promo (Across from National Assembly).Pleasant environment, excellent service, and delicious cuisine.
  • Casa Danza, Casa Danza is located about a block south of the Ethnographic Museum. A decent assortment of more upscale western foods as well as some Beninese cuisine.


The Dona and Beaurivage hotels both boast restaurants with wide menus and equally expansive rates.

How To Travel To Porto-Novo

The traffic is not as bad as it is in Cotonou. However, as is the case with Cotonou, the best and most convenient method to view Porto Novo is through zemidjan. A whole day with a driver waiting for you should cost no more than 5,000cfa.BY PLAINAlthough it is...

Prices in Porto-Novo

MARKET / SUPERMARKETMilk1 liter$ 2.50 Tomatoes1 kg$ 1.10Cheese0.5 kg$ 1.85Apples1 kg$ 2.40Oranges1 kg$ 2.30Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ 9.50 Coca-Cola2 liters$ 2.00Bread1 piece$ 0.70Water1.5 l$ RESTAURANTSDinner (Low-range)for 2$ 24.00Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 45.00Dinner (High-range)for 2$ 90.00Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 3.70Water0.33 l$ Cappuccino1 cup$ Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ 3.40Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Coca-Cola0.33 l$ Coctail drink1 drink$ ENTERTAINMENTCinema2 tickets$ Gym1 month$ 45.00Men’s...

Shopping In Porto-Novo

There are around four supermarkets with a wide selection of products. The major ones to inquire about are Champignon, Paniere, and Universe 7, all of which are situated on the same road that runs through town.Adjarra Market is situated around 10 kilometers north of Porto. This market, which takes...



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