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Language & Phrasebook in Benin

AfricaBeninLanguage & Phrasebook in Benin

The official language is French, the previous colonial power’s language. Fon and Yoruba are spoken in the south, Bariba and Dendi in the north, and over 50 additional African languages and dialects are spoken across the nation. English is becoming more popular.

Local languages are utilized as the primary language of teaching in elementary schools, with French being added only after a few years. However, in richer places, French is typically taught at a younger age. In general, Beninese languages are written using a distinct letter for each spoken sound (phoneme), rather than employing diacritics or digraphs as in French or English. This includes Beninese Yoruba, which is written with both diacritics and digraphs in Nigeria. For example, the mid vowels é è, ô, o in French are written e,, o, in Beninese languages, while the consonants ng and sh or ch in English are written and c. However, digraphs are employed for nasal vowels and the labial-velar consonants kp and gb, as in the Fon language name Fon gbe /f be/, and diacritics are used as tone markings. A combination of French and Beninese orthographies may be found in French-language publications.

Yorùbá is a West African language spoken mostly around the Bight of Benin. Yorùbá is undoubtedly Africa’s most influential language, with over 38 million speakers globally. It is mostly spoken in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.

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