Saturday, September 18, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Angola

AfricaAngolaVisa & Passport Requirements for Angola

You’ll need a lot of luck and patience here: When it comes to getting a visa, Angola is notorious for being a nightmare. Except for Namibian residents, all visitors must acquire one before to arrival. Except for residents of Cape Verde, who must pre-arrange it, it is not feasible to acquire a visa on arrival. Your passport must be valid for at least another six months and include at least two blank pages. According to the Angolan government, travelers must have an international vaccination certificate showing yellow fever immunization within the past 10 years in order to enter the country, although this is not a problem on the Namibian/Angolan border. A letter of invitation from a private person, organization, or business indicating that they would be responsible for your stay is also required. When getting a visa from a northern country, you are often only granted a 5-day transit visa to Angola. If you’re traveling by car, this will only bring you to Luanda, where you’ll need to wait up to four days to obtain another five-day transit visa. If you are entering Angola from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, you may need to get an Angolan visa before entering the DR Congo.