Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Angola

AfricaAngolaHow To Travel Around Angola

By bus

There are several private bus companies that provide services, the largest of which are MACOM and SGO. These businesses provide a broad variety of services related to the destinations to which one wishes to go, particularly inter-provincial courses. From the coast to the interior, there are lines that link the majority of the country’s main cities.

By train

After more than 30 years of neglect, Angola’s railway system is now being rebuilt with the assistance of Chinese companies. There are three major lines that are not linked to one another.

The northern line Caminho de Ferro de Luanda (CFL) between Luanda and Malenje is now fully operational. There are three classes: Primeira, which has reclining leather seats with individual television sets; Exspresso, which has comfy chairs grouped in fours around tables and communal TVs; and Tramway, which has benches to optimize passenger numbers. Ticket costs range from 2,500 kwanzas ($26; £17) and 2,500 kwanzas ($26; £17). Carriges are contemporary carriages with working bathrooms and a restaurant vehicle.

The intermediate line, Caminho de Ferro de Benguela (CFB), has recently begun service between Lobito, Cubal, and Huambo, with the goal of reaching Luau near the Zambian border by the end of 2012.

The southern line, Caminho do Ferro de Mocamedes (CFM), connecting Namibe, Lubango, and Menongue, was scheduled to begin operation in the autumn of 2012.