Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Angola

AfricaAngolaFood & Drinks in Angola

Dining out is often difficult in Angola, since restaurant cuisine is costly even in Luanda, and many of the less well-equipped eateries have poor sanitation. Nonetheless, Angolan cuisine is diverse and delicious, with native specialties centered on fish, cassava products, and spicy stews.

Angolan seafood is plentiful and delicious, and the Angolan coast is a unique location to eat fresh lobster straight from the fisherman’s boat.

Tropical fruit in Angola is also a delight since artisan production has preserved organic techniques, resulting in rich fruit flavors that are unfamiliar to the Western taste used to industrially produced tropical fruits. If you are in Luanda and need to eat, it is suggested that you go to Ilha de Luanda, where beach-restaurants (ranging in price from extremely exclusive to fairly casual) can meet most international requirements. It should also be noted that restaurant numbers and quality are growing in Luanda as a result of the current peace, which has brought stability and considerable investment to the nation.

When dining out, avoid drinking tap water and instead get bottled mineral water.

Not many establishments take cash in US currency; inquire before ordering. Most eateries do not take credit cards, but this is changing fast.