Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Algeria

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Stay Safe in Algeria

Terrorism is prevalent in Algeria’s south.

Avoid traveling after dark; fly instead of driving; avoid small roads; and contact the police or gendarmes if you are uncertain about your surroundings. Check the government websites of Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand for travel information.

Stay Healthy in Algeria

Localized power outages are common in Algiers, causing refrigerated goods to spoil. Since a result, you should exercise extreme caution while dining out, as the risk of food contamination is always there ‘even in family eateries.’

Mosquitoes are likewise a nuisance in Algeria, but since malaria is uncommon, ‘they don’t transmit illnesses.’ Mosquitoes are sprayed on a regular basis across cities.

Do not anticipate particularly high water quality; instead of drinking tap water, purchase bottles of water; they are inexpensive at DZD30 for 2L, thus 5L of clean water costs less than USD1.

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