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Wetter & Klima in Vietnam

Different latitudes and widely varying physical relief lead to great climate changes from one place to another. In the dry season, between November and April, monsoon winds blow northeastwards across Chinese coastlines and over the Gulf of Tonkin, absorbing much humidity. Consequently, as compared to summer or rainy season in most of the country, winter is just a dry period.

On average for a year and considering the entire country’s terrain it can be said that temperature here is higher in the south than in the north; also it is higher on the plain than in mountainous parts. In Mekong Delta and southern plains around Ho Chi Minh City, temperatures do not change much throughout the year (ranging from 21°C to 28°C). The seasonal variations are more intense in mountains, plateaus and North where temperature ranges between 5° C (41.0° F) in December-January) and 37° C (98.6° F) in July-August. As opposed to mountains, plateaus and northern areas which experience such sorts of changes when their temperatures varies from as low as -5 degrees Celsius in December- January to as high as -87 degrees Celsius during July-August.

Wetter in Halong-Bucht

  • December – March: cool to cold, misty, cloudy
  • April – June: warm to hot, clear skies, sunny
  • June – August: stormy, hot, humid
  • September – November: Mischung aus Sonne und Wolken, warm bis kühl

If you are going there try the Halong Bay between April and June or September and November. This is when it tends to be sunny with comfortable temperatures. However in other seasons regular drizzle or fog attacks while occasionally cruise trips get called off due to tropical storms. On the other hand, if you’re on the boat at this time, you can see Halong Bay from a more mystical angle where its renowned karsts are covered in mist. Be careful because January’s temperature could fall down extraordinarily low.

Wetter in Hanoi

  • December – March: cool to cold, misty, cloudy
  • April – June: warm to hot, clear skies, sunny
  • June – August: hot, humid, rainy
  • September – November: cool, clear skies, sunny

The best times of the year to visit Hanoi are usually from the month of April up until June or September through December. Beginning in April days are often warm and can reach above 30 degrees with clear skies. Cooler temperatures around 25 degrees and blue sky between September and November make it the ideal time for traveling around the capital.

In June when there is heavy rain (June-August), expect humidity highs at 40 degree Celsius and soaring temperatures in Hanoi. Although December is crisp, misty and atmospheric; late December-March temperature dips shocking low to about 10 degree Celsius. You will need layering up.

Wetter in Sapa

  • December – March: cold, foggy, overcast
  • April – June: hot, cloudless, bright
  • June – August: showery, hot, muggy
  • September – November: cool, cloudless, dry

In Vietnam’s northern regions including Sapa it is much colder during the period from late December through early March. Better brace yourself since in January sometimes snow falls on Sapa. You can find hotels nearby with heated blankets and you can also take a herbal bath at a spa close by to warm up.

When flowers are blooming and the sky is blue in late April, Sapa becomes almost ideal. In early October it is one of the best times because of its fantastic tiered rice terraces that become golden just before harvesting.

Wetter in Huế

  • September-February: cool to cold, rainy, cloudy
  • March-August: warm to hot, sunny, clear skies

Hue in Vietnam’s former imperial capital experiences its rain late season from September to February characterized by storms and cool wet days while occasionally there is flooding that may occur between September and November. At the start of the year the temperature lowers down 15 degrees whereas January is often accompanied by drizzle. The rest of the year is arid making July with highs which can reach 35 degrees the best month for hitting up the beach.

Wetter in Hội An

  • September – Januar: regnerisch, kühl, bewölkt
  • Februar – August: warm bis heiß, sonnig, klarer Himmel

Central Vietnam is severely damaged by tropical storms that start in September although Hoi An one of the prettiest places in the country. March enables tourists to reap the benefits of flowering fields, gardens and streets which are colored with vibrant flowers and peaceful greenery. The period between May and August can be quite hot therefore you may wish to go to the beach because it has a cooling effect. In the final months of the year between September and November there is lots of rain and even insignificant floods sometimes happen in this ancient town. Every year during January, when temperatures fall drastically Vietnamese New Year approaches.

Wetter in Nha Trang

  • September through December: cold, wet, overcast
  • From January to August it is usually hot, sunny and clear in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang City has more than 300 days of sunshine per year—the most in the country. While there are some monsoons between September and December, Nha Trang normally has the shortest rainy season in Vietnam. The city is normally very pleasant with cool sea breezes throughout much of the year; however, you should expect high temperatures and heat waves from July till August.

Wetter in Da Lat

  • Rainy, warm to hot and cloudy from April to October.
  • Cool to cold, dry and clear skies from November to May.

This is a beautiful mountain city, located on the central highlands. It is known for its good weather. Da Lat always has pure pollution-free atmosphere. These mountains make it an excellent place to escape the heat of the city as they experience moderate temperatures and refreshing breeze all year round. The rainy season in Da Lat lasts from April until October.The typical temperature ranges are lows of 20 degrees in January and highs of 30 degrees in July .

Wetter in HCMC und im Mekong-Delta

  • May to November: intermittent showers, hot, muggy
  • December to April: blue skies, hot, sunny

This condition of unchanging temperature occurs in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of southern Vietnam throughout the year. So that it is either burning hot or dry however there are some cool early spring days and scorching summer ones. It usually has a 30-degree temperature and sunshine. The rainy season which lasts from May till November brings with it as a constant afternoon shower that takes a few hours normally.

Wetter in Phú Quốc

  • July – September: stifling, warm, muggy
  • October – June: sunny skies, hot

Phu Quoc Island offers the best beaches in Vietnam and enjoys a year-round warm climate. However it might be better to avoid its wet season that ranges from July till September. The months experience occasional storms thus ferrying is dangerous and beaches are unsuitable. In December and January when the rest of the year is hot and dry, Phu Quoc becomes an ideal tropical destination.

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